Wedding bells for Bobby

Bobby is running for Council for the 6th time,and you know Bobby, he always has a hustle connected to his game.  This go round , he’s marrying a Helms from New Bedford, thinking they will bring him 150 votes.  Well there’s only about 20 of them on the rolls….but then again who really knows with Jesse putting anyone she wants on.  If she  won’t show us proof of her HS diploma or college credentials, why would we believe her actions on anything.  Good luck Bobby all the happiness to you and your new family!

Cedric challenged on authorized payola

Cedric claims that he’s authorized to spend more than $500 without Council authorization but he can’t produce the documentation to prove it.  So those $2,400 checks he’s written to his family and friends were not supposed to be given out…Then again, there’s no record of anything when you have a phantom government and the chairman treats the  tribal  bank account as if it was his own.  You can’t buy respect or support …but desperation is one hell of a motivator. Boy that Fall River deal was a glowing example of leadership.

What the Mittark ain’t saying

This month’s Nashuonk Mittark has the usual column, ostensibly written  by our Chairman, Cedric Cromwell.  It positions itself as a “state of the Tribe” message, of sorts,  it falls far short of that. Merely listing a lacquered and lipsticked listing of what one would like citizens to see, without an accounting of one’s failures and the remedies to be pursued is nothing more than puffery.  We would like to deflate some of his rhetoric and propaganda with some not so pretty facts.  We will not only remind you of their public failures, but of some of the more private ones.  Also, we will address their failures dealing with dissent, i.e., how they try to suppress the “naysayers” among the elders and longtime Mashpee residents who have the most to lose from the Tribal Council’s monkey business. There are a lot of points to visit, so stay with us while we go through them, one at a time.

Grab yer ankles, Wamps, here comes  Ced and MarkIf you read the latest “Mittark,” you saw language like this:”
There are many moments and accomplishments in 2010 that make me very proud. Our monthly meetings and newsletters provide clear information to all Tribal members. We have implemented a new finance system  the first of its kind for our Tribe  that will provide transparency, accountability, and effective management of our Tribes finances. There have been growing pains with its implementation, but I am confident that it will provide a huge improvement in our ability to manage and share financial information.”

This is, boys and girls, a textbook example of American corporate marketing department speak, if I ever heard it.  Fluff it, puff it, dazzle ’em with BS.  Misdirection.We had a very good finance system through the Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands, also known as CAC.  They have been performing financial services for non-profits for years.  They have the personell and skill to maintain any kind of financial system.  Trouble is that Cromwell’s administration does not want the books out of his, or Mark Hardings control.  I wondwer why?

So, friends, when Cedric complains of growing pains, remind  him of the pain of being financially sodomized by his and Mark Harding’s handling of our finances.

Tribal elections 2011
The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s 2011 elections will be held on Sunday, February 13.  I really can’t see much enthusiasm for the field.  Lets jump right in and take a look at them.

Patricia “Trish” Keli’inui,  isn’t she the former Election Committee chair who abandoned her post at the 2008 election, leaving the ballot box unsupervised and unsealed while she ran off to Dino’s to celebrate Cedric’s big victory?  Add to that that she is as dumb as a sock full of gravel.  Trish, you were cute at one time, but that time is gone.

Martin “Bruzzy” Hendricks,  AKA “ZZZZZZZ…, wha?”  He’s our poster child for what happens when you smoke too much weed.  Now Bruzzy is a ‘good ole boy’, and I love him, but he is a danger to himself and the Tribe.

Charles “Bobby” Foster, hero of the 2009 powwow.  Have we gotten a report on the finances of that abortion?  Picture Bobby rolling around naked on thousands in cash.  BBBRRRRRR….. Too much to process.

Laura Tobey Miranda, wasn’t she the one using her position in the District Attorneys office  to try to find dirt on people a few years back?  Isn’t that illegal?  What’s up, Laura? All those questions of Cedric and you never got an answerimpressive! Your own cousin.

Michelle Hughes Fernandes, Had any parties at your house recently?  Rosie would be ashamed of you and your behavior.

Why are you in this?

I hope that this gives you, the voter, a little perspective on what is available to you this year.  No decent candidates wanted to throw down really because they saw the treatment that Richard Oakley got that drove him to resign, and the continuing treatment that Carlton Hendricks Jr. gets at the hands of Cedric and his crew. Lots to hide and nothing to show for the 17 million in debt.  If you wish to vote on the 13th, I suggest writing in the names of Tony Moniz.  He wasn’t a Wamp, but he was more a member of our community than any of our present leaders.