Tribal Election Monitor says voting machine broke down

Old Mashpee watched unknown voters show up to cast ballots in an election where the outcome brought the “F Bomb” repeatedly.  To add fuel to the fire, an election monitor said the voting machine broke down in the middle of the balloting. It’s an unnecessary voting method that has brought criticism in the past because it can be easily manipulated particularly when it takes 3 hours too run 700-800 ballots.


It’s an unnecessary voting method because only about 650 so called tribal members voted. It always takes an hour or two or three to count the ballots….electronically.  It should take 10 minutes with such a small number of ballots on the SD cards.  Tribal members could do a hand count in front of everyone, and eliminate any doubt about the integrity of the election….but who cares about integrity right?

And once again, the Cromwell crew got in with the help of Messy Jessie’s “Casino stalkers”. A lot of money was flying around bringing strange looking people in from out of state outnumbering the people who have to live under this regime.

IF the election results were to be believed…Aaron Tobey gave Cedric quite a run.  People are tired Cedric’s disinterest in their struggle, his dishonesty about our status as a tribe.

The squeaker was Carlton Henricks, Jr.  Losing by 4 votes to Messy J for Vice Chair. He will likely ask for a recount but is the fix already in?

Gordon Harris, Cedric’s bestie won as Treasurer with foreign votes and never campaigned a day…just like Jessie.  Just bused in outsiders.

June is around the corner….that’s when the money ends. Let’s see who sticks around.