They all came tumbling down

Shovel Teady Ceddie ain't so steady.

Shovel Ready Ceddie was enraged by news reports of the many horrors his administration has heaped on us.  The outrageous $90 million debt  is actually money funneled in and out of the Gaming Commission.The idea that Shovel Ready Ceddie has to answer to the people and be accountable for all this was unacceptable to him.  Emotion got the better of the Dorcester bro who released his anger on to the tribal website by threatening us and citing the constitution as the law allowing him to silence the growing opposition. Here’s his website tirade:

Tribal Council Meetings

Wednesday 10/8/14, commencing at 5:30 PM until 9:30 PM at Community & Government Center, 483 Great Neck Road South, Mashpee Mass 02649, Tribal Council Chambers.

The Decorum of the Tribal Council meeting will be enforced by the Meetings of the Tribal Council Law and there will be no exceptions to the rule. These meetings are held to conduct the business of the Tribe and not meant for an unprofessional & unacceptable behavior or disruptive environment. The Tribal Council will conduct Tribal business per Tribal Law.

As Tribal Council Chairman, per the Mashpee Wampanoag Constitution, I preside over the Tribal Council meetings and will recognize you to speak, otherwise you do not have the floor. There will be 15 minute Public commentary only for the Tribal Citizens and not for Tribal Council Member Legislators to engage in conversation or use this time for their comments. If the meeting turns towards a disruptive and disorderly situation caused by a person (s), I will move forward with removal of the person (s) from the Tribal Council Meeting. This is non-negotiable via Tribal Law. I expect Tribal Security and Mashpee Police Law Enforcement to follow-through on my removal decision of a person (s) from the Tribal Council meeting based on disruptive, dissorderly and/or hostile behavior.

In addition to the exsisting rolling agenda, there will the following added:

1. Future scheduled Tribal Council Meeting dates
2. Loan Note 14 Draw-Down
3. Project First Light Land Option Agreements

Executive Session:

1. Newspaper article concerns with Councilman Carlton Hendricks and Councilwoman Laura Miranda

Apparently Shovel Ready didn’t understand that the First Amendment of the US Constitution applies to the Mashpee Wampanoag,especially since we have no sovereignty (without land in trust). Our own Constitution says we can speak freely. He cannot arbitrarily silence us because he doesn’t want to be criticized.  His job is to listen and do what we want…in the real world of democracy that is.

Apparently Shovel Ready Ceddie’s lawyers made him take it down, fast….but it was too late. He was already indicted by his threats, and his efforts to intimidate tribal members with removal by the Mashpee Police. The Executive Session to discuss Carlo & Laura’s participation in the newspaper story is even more outrageous.  They are Council members who represent us. Questioning the smothering debt and and other misappropriations of federal dollars is their job.Too bad no amount of challenge and complaint can stop Shovel Ready Ceddie’s regime and its hard work for Genting.

And even if we were a real Indian Nation, the US Department of Justice can investigate and prosecute all civil rights violations against any US citizens.  They do it every time a state,city or county crosses the line.  The Justice Department supersedes any and all government authorities and prosecute when people can’t get  justice.

In Ferguson Missouri, police told protestors they had to keep moving, they couldn’t stop and congregate or even rest. They were trying to wear them out so they would disperse.  A court said it was illegal.  The police were impeding their right to free speech just like Shovel Ready Ceddie. Course the Justice Department is in Ferguson to investigate the Brown killing. Violations of civil rights of all kinds constitutes action.

Tribal members have asked the government to intervene since the Tribal court has no authority and little else will stop Shovel Ready Ceddie.

The lonely dictator can no longer keep things under wraps. His tribal government staff is panicked and talking way too much.  They’re damned near brawling over who will survive the collapse.

Tribal members will probably pack the room Wednesday night.  Shovel Ready can’t take that kind of pressure which is yet another dilemma for his shell government.