The turd in the toilet

Land in Trust is the big turd in the toilet that Cedric can’t flush.  He dreams about it going away….every night,  but it never does. Flush after flush.  Round and round the turdie goes and we all know where it goes…..NOWHERE.

The great revelations about finally finishing the environmental component of the LIT application is just as irrelevant as the Compact.  Why? Because the BIA cannot take our land into trust ( the US Supreme Court said it has no authority) and we can’t prove we were under federal  jurisdiction before 1934.The 1934 issue was denied by the BIA when we tried to use it for recognition nealy 10 years ago.  But the Cromwellians cranked it back up as a new way to milk Genting and pretend we weren’t out of the game.

Just as annoying is the governor’s ploy to prod the state Senate to act on the Compact. The Compact is permanently stalled because it is irrelevant.  Governor Patrick said  that if the Senate didn’t act, we would build a casino on our own and not pay that onerous tax ( that the BIA won’t approve).  Listen, if  Cedric can’t get land in trust for a state license, how can he get one independent of the state? Signing our sovereignty away has never been a problem for CeddieLou, as long as he gets that pay check.

But CeddieLou can only keep stringing the investors along for so long.  About 4 weeks ago Genting made CeddieLou do some explaining. They gave him 2 days notice and called an emergency meeting in Taunton.  Very few Council members showed up, but CeddieLou, and the developer once again tried to convince Genting that things were progressing. Keep in mind this was exactly the time when KG Urban Enterprises put in their bid for the Southeast region. The investors were not happy So CeddieLou pitched this:

  • DEC 2014 Casino Phase 1 A built ( only half a plan)
  • Casino: 1600 slots, 60 table games,1buffet hotel, 2500 parking spaces

Same BS with another  years delay !

When the presentation was over, guess what Genting said ? ” When are you getting over the hurdles?”

CeddieLou could not give them an  answer.

So the irrelevant news stories are not enough to placate the investors who have spent $62 million on a raggity casino strategy.  One thing for sure, the White lawyers got rich, Navajo Joe got rich…( and he brought another Navajo in as the tribal administrator) Leon got richer than rich.  Cedric, Aaron, Jessie, Mark, Yvonne, Cheryl and Trish all combined made well over $3 million dollars to sell us out and render us destitute.

Cedric has quite a battle going on cause that turd has some strong medicine. Quite a distinction…. the only chairman to  be beaten by a turd.