The Temps

Since the speedy departure of Tribal Administrator Navajo Sue, compadrae of Navajo Joe (tribal attorney Mark Tilden) there’s been a steady stream of temporary replacements. First Cheryl Frye Cromwell took over ….that didn’t last long at all, then they stuck Yvonne Frye Avant in there ( she’s had every job but janitor) and is criticized for doing none of them competently Now they gave Marge Seagraves the job.  Temporarily.  Poor Marge.  She wanted the job and the big money  and they Council gave it to her a while back then took it away from her…it was a mess.  And now, she’s Temp #3.

Well, they put Navajo Sue in there to present the picture of competence….for the casino effort.  She quit along with other administrators because the casino effort is dead, and the money is drying up.  No need to pretend anymore.  There’s no one to impress or try to convince.

We got those food cards though and a bunch of people at the helm who are really indescribable !

Next….the double dipping and budget implosion…