The investor doubles down…members still languish

All the showboating in Taunton with the shovels…well that was just that. A show. The investors were back this week  with the spiel about outside financing.  Cedric has enough money to knock the wear house down.  Now even  Phase I, the Super Walmart size Asino with the parking lot, is in question.  Genting has it’s own financial issues so they were telling Shovel Ready to keep looking for underwriting elsewhere, indicating that the projects future is iffy.   And they were serious.

The First Light boondoggle has been a failure do to a lack of interest by financiers, complicated by the LIT lawsuit and the fact that a viable competitor could be a mere  20 miles away. Ya, its real.  But the ground breaking was another dog and pony show designed to disguise the fact that Shovel Ready Ceddie is anything but.

Tribal members,will be voting on the enormous budget, probably  the largest  in Indian Country per capita. They need to ask for the financial model of Phase I.

This whole thing benefits no one but him and the others selling us out.

The tribal  budget package sent to members was missing pages and was the usual unacceptable gobble de gook that a legitimate government would not have the nerve to distribute.  But who are the Mashpee to question anything?  We are shills for SRC, Messy Jessie, Robbie, Tah Tah, The Fist Lady, Mean Travel Queen (Yvonne), Angry Mannequin (Winnie) and Eatin’ off the White Man’s Plate or Me & My Fake GED (Bobby (Frye) Foster).

Cedric during the chaotic election with cousin Guy (red hat) savoring their illegal victory.

Cedric during the chaotic election with cousin Guy (red hat) savoring their illegal victory.

But the illegality of the process is embedded in one of the budget line items that gives Guy Cash a $68 k a year salary as the Medicine Man “In Absentia.”  This was Tah Tah’s big idea you will recall, but according to sources, it was never voted on.  And how do we verify without the minutes? Ridiculous indeed. This obsession with paying Guy Cash dates back to when Cedric stole the election and during that illegal take over prior to…he brought Guy and Bunny Lopez, the former Chief( who had resigned) in to vote.  Traditional leaders do not vote nor are they paid….but it was the beginning of the hostile take over that has brought us to this humiliating place.Guy and the Chief are nothing more than pitiful props.  Guy has been rumored to be seriously ill for nearly a decade.  We have many sick Tribal members who have been totally ignored, by the First Lady at that ! If the tribe wants to help him, they should establish a fund.

By the way, Shovel Ready was there for the White people in Taunton, but he will be absent from today’s meeting.

The insensitivity and greed is all too much right now..  Many were tricked into believing in  Cedric’s false promise.  In reality many of us are busy trying to survive in the midst of a bloated government controlled by the Fryebal Council bent on taking the last loaf of stale bread left in the pantry.