The Harrassment of Marie Stone

The Cromwell Administration has now waged an assault on Marie Stone.  They have been harassing her off and on for a while…they have poked and prodded her psyche, that quite frankly has been pretty fragile, for quite a while.

Shes been crying  because they have been questioning her constantly, asking  her who she’s been talking to and so forth.  So what’s that all about? Cause it’s not a tribal thing, and  Marie is afraid.

Monday April 18 is a bad day, because Marie is being hauled before Aaron the Tobey, to be interrogated further about who she’s been talking to, and probably ordered not to talk to anyone  anymore.  About what Aaron? About what ?

Cedric called Marie a “Whistleblower.”

So, whatever she knows is of interest to people with real authority to do more than harass people into submission for which the Tobes are so famous.

Marie wants Joan Avant to accompany her, obviously to have a witness…….if that’s true, that’s a sorry commentary to what’s going on in those Council offices…very sad.