The big bonus for losing….and we’re still the BIGGEST LOSER !

There are bound to be some substantial changes to the Council leadership come February 12, and it could be the big break for Tribal members. But with the crew in there now, there’s always some smelly fish heads in the bushel.

Even in defeat, losers will still get paid.

Even in defeat, losers will still get paid.

Check this out.  If any of the incumbents loose, they get 6 months severance! Right. It’s like rewarding a kid for bad behavior. $300 K out the window. A bonus for failing to deliver and getting fired finally, by the people. That should change.  It also means that Robbie Hendricks will still get paid after his term is up. As much as we like Robbie, it ain’t that much…and with the money running out in June, we need to start investing in tribal initiatives, with tribal workers to generate revenue.

We have been spinning our wheels for 8 years and nothing! Time to look inward and invest in our own people and their businesses the old way. Not a dime ever went to businesses that would put our people to work in areas where they have expertise.  It is absolutely awful and smacks of glaring neglect.  Instead, we have a host of people employed by the Council in do nothing jobs.


Open seats always bring an interesting group of candidates.  In this case, we have two totally different tribal members on the ballot and a write-in.

Gordon Harris is qualified, but he knows that Tribal members are not thrilled with him because he is a total outsider. He’s never around and he’s pretty nasty to people. Worse…he’s Mark Harding’s buddy. He tried to close that gap by claiming that Alice (Mills) Hicks was his grandmother…..well that went too far.  She was his step-grandmother.  Trying to be Mashpeelike that is not cool.

Then there’s Angela (Marcellino) Shwom. Well, Angie is Angie. She exaggerates but give her points for running ( again) because let’s face it…most of us don’t have the nerve.

Denise Johnson Hathaway is running as a write-in.  Let’s just mull that over for a hot minute.  Okay….no need to comment.

This race is a gut check.  Do your best !