Tah Tah on the war path sending up Smoke Signals

The payment of a $1,097 invoice from Smoke Signals  (an alleged media consulting firm owned by Paula Peters)  caught the attention of Marie Tah Tah Stone.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, it was for services rendered to Cedric’s attorney  Howard Cooper who bills the tribe for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.  And second, Paula’s man, that would be Treasurer Mark Harding, instructed Marge to make the check out to his company Wamp Worx instead.

Marie ain't happy with the Treasurer's creative book keeping

Well Marie being Marie did her Tah Tah dance and raised hell with Howard Cooper who refused to answer her questions about conflict of interest when invoices are funneled through his law firm that come from the family members of the council. Worst of all Harding wanted to have the check made out to his company.

Marie was last seen in her new office at the corner table in Dino’s…sun glasses on, laptop open, drink in hand working out her next challenge.  Who knows how many times they’ve billed and for how much ? How’s that legal?

And isn’t that a violation of the council rules that set up to prevent conflict and the abuse of power by the council?

Stop laughing.