Sunday Meeting Predictions

CeddieLou boasts about  his tremendous landslide and spending $500,000.00 on an election in Taunton that doesn’t count.  Oh yah….he forgot to tell you about the $300,000.00 he handed over to the Tauntonians to pay for the election.  $800,000.00 spent not only an election  that doesn’t count, but on people who are not tribal members.  Some kind of leader ain’t he?

Bobby “I Ain’t Got No GED Either” Foster will present his elusive 2008 Pow Wow Report saying he gave all the money to Nellie.  Sure you did….when everyone knows that your girlfriend at the time were rolling around in the cash like you were in the Great Train Robbery movie.

There are so many hurdles left to scale on a casino ( slot dump) that does not pay tribal members…..we have to refer you to the information on wampaleaks because the list is unending.

Signing off to go fishing 2:10pm