Sssssssshhhhhhhhhh no talking Ceddie says

Cedric Cromwell issued a gag order to tribal employees.  No talking to each other or people outside the Council  about the outrageous behavior of  council members.  Primarily his wife and others who are supposed to be setting an example of good government. Reportedly the Council  has been inundated with wigs for First Lady Cheryl  Frye Cromwell who has been in hiding following her battle royal in Pequot land.  It’s become so absurd that you have to wonder what Cedric’s thinking ?  It’s not like anyone pays attention to what he says and those rediculous emails he sends out

Last week,one of the original investors who thought Cedric and Mark Harding would actually honor contracts and pay investors, finally exploded and sent a nasty email to Cedric calling him an as-hole.  Cedric immediately circulated it to everyone on the Council looking for sympathy.  All he got was hysterical laughter…..

Matter of fact no one pays him attention on Beacon Hill either.  Looks like he’s experiencing ” Investors Revenge” and  collaboration with investigators, who have thrown up all kinds of blockades designed to keep him from GTP ( Gettin That Paycheck). The gaming bill will never pass in a form where Cedric and crew get paid free and clear. Course there’s no benefit to the tribal members with the commercial gaming bill, but that’s never been the focus.  Seems the newspapers have never told that story….too much work t researching the Indian Gaming Act and drawing the comparison to commercial.

Anyway, the bill is loaded with, let’ s call them inhibitors  like ” vetting the investors” verifying “the finances” of the entities involved, land into trust, approval by the communities and the communities adjoining the communities where the casino is located and the tribe  will experience the state’s credit check basically which is tantamount to Chinese Water Torture where the tribe’s finances are concerned.  Everyone who had their hands in the till will have to explain what happened to $24 million over two years. And no one really knows how much money is involved.  Then there are the threatened lawsuits .  Who would do business with an administration like this?  So the recall continues.