Snickering at Cedric… the new tribal past time

So sad for Cedric when the the Cape Cod Times blew the doors open on his shady operation. So he proceeded to email John Hughes and blame him for the administrative failures of his Vice Chair….Aaron ( “I want to Be the Chairman ” }Tobey. Yes Cedric put it all in writing like he always did back in the day when he claimed to be an officer with Fidelity and spent days on end annoying everyone with his rediculous emails. He  assaulted John  John and blamed him for ” making the tribe look bad” Then he proceeded to call Norman Dias to bad mouth Elder Anne Peters Brown…accusing her of contacting  US Attorney General Eric Holder. Contacted by Reel Wamps, Peters Brown said, ”  If he wants me to contact Eric Holder, I will certainly oblige him.  But with the trouble he’s in, why would he want to get the US Attorney General invoved ?”Cedric also accused  Huges and  Peters Brown of making the ” Tribe look bad.” Course Cedric needs to take total  credit for  all that and he should be reminded that Norman and a contigent of Elders went to DC to ask the BIA to interviene and help get the tribe out of the mess Cedric created. Poor Cedric.  Dorchester never prepared him for this. Let the Snickering continue.

Lumbee Lie gets fired — Clueseau sleuthing days over!

Rhonda Jones Hughes was fired Wedesday….on a unanimous vote.  Even though VC Aaron Tobey was not at the meeting, he reportedly delivered the bad news to his lovely close friend , so she had her things all packed up. She also tried to defend her  drug bust  falderall by saying she pleaded no contest.  They say the dope dogs were all over “her person” when she came off the cruise ship.  Cold busted.  It had to be awful for a women to hide weed in that manner.

Anyway, Aaron Tobey also got bad news that he was no longer Tribal Detective… more investigations andstumbling around trying to pretend that he’s keeping order, when he’s really  wrecking havock, and bringing the heat down on the scandal plagued Cromwell administration. He might want to start getting rid of some of his unqualified nieces etc.. and walk away while he can.