Shovel Ready Ceddie…..Spooked again

Signs sent Shovel Ready Ceddie a message he couldn't take.

Whoever put the signs up had Shovel Ready Ceddie really goin’.  He was all worked up, runnin’ all around.  Shovel Ready spins the BS but even that hasn’t played well with his fan club which had been reduced to Francie and the First Lady (and word is the latter could be in doubt). They call Francie the Deaconess she’s so so righteous ya know.

Shovel Ready was so upset he called all the tribal staff  to a meeting, stood before them,  clutching all the signs he had confiscated shouting that ” They want to know where the $90 million went. It went into land in trust.”  This is where Shovel Ready Ceddie’s sanity comes into  question.The Land in trust trilogy will never end because there is no process for us to complete it legally. Everyone understands this, and so does Shovel Ready Ceddie.   Matter of fact  during the last Sunday meeting,he started that crap about LIT in 60 – 90 days.   Normally his trained seals applaud wildly.  There was silence.

Look at it this way. Who would spend $90 million on a project that can’t be completed  under

Not very representative of the Mashpee

current circumstances ? Well Shovel Ready Ceddie and crew is being paid hefty salaries to allow millions of dollars to be circulated through our tribe and on to other destinations. We know what that is.   Yeah….the lawyers over billed and consultants gouged and over paid staff does nothing.   but it doesn’t add up to $90 million.

Ever notice how Shovel Ready says very little these days?  You don’t hear him talking about keeping documents from the feds…no you don’t. He’ll pretend he knows nothing. Bet they’ll believe that.

Only the numbskulls like the Deaconess and Robbie are silly enough to  deny the federal government information. There’s still time you two, Whistle-bower or witness protection.  Pretty good options.