Pimp My Tribe

This is the legal tribal logo that was substituted for a giant cartoon turtle and other irrelevant symbols.

Traditionalists are extremely angry with the Cromwell administration. ( The Wanabee Wamps, recently enrolled, without paperwork, added by Jessie Tobey Baird,  have long since left the building).  Not only have tribal hopes for the future been dashed by his self serving bungling and ineptness, now he’s trying to set up a separate tribe through the Federal Charter of Incorporation.  The Charter,  goes to the DOI for approval don’t you know. It  allows an evenly numbered panel of tribal members (Ahh….Cedric, Aaron Markie etal) and “non tribal members” to run the new tribe.  The Charter Tribe can buy and dispose of  “tribal land,” establish businesses,  acquire debt all in the name of the Mashpee and on and on.

So the families of Cedric and Aaron will show up and vote for the Charter tribe and to keep jobs they would never have outside of the tribe.  Who would have thought it. Our destiny is in their hands. Who would ever imagine?

They  don’t understand that just like the Narragansett Housing Director arrested for embezzlement, they’re responsible for misappropriation.   Already the BIA is asking for refunds for our mismanaged grants, the Juvenile Justice in particular. People were not in the grant specs, and were hired and getting paid. Yvonne in particular.   The government wants that money back….right away. Oh boy.

Vote to allow Cedric, Aaron and Markie to keep running us into the ground and in debt?  The Charter allows them to keep getting paid and doing more damage to an ancient culture they know nothing about.

Now…what does this look like to you? That’s because you’re exactly right

Let’s look closer at the disintegration of the Cromwell Empire where desperation reigns.  Let’s look at your Charter Tribe.  Mark Tilden the Indian lawyer for Cedric and Markie, has been cozying up to Elders and others who have documents to solidify the Charter Tribe.  Tilden went to Aunt Dart to get the coveted documents in her blue folder.  That would be deeds and valued documents for the Parsonage, the Old Indian Cemetery, 55 Acres , and the housing land on Meeting House Road…what’s left of it. Her grandson intervened and stopped that little slight of hand. Thus Cedric canceled the last Wednesday’s Council meeting.

Then there’s the old Grant Pilfering Routine that has reared it’s ugly head again because the Malaysians have disappeared with their money.  No cash so  no money to pay salaries. They wouldn’t allow the hiring of 3 tribal members on a new $167,000 grant, as was allowed….guess they have plans for that money. Clearly no part of the  economic development plan.

The silly search for casino land sent Cedric to Plymouth last week. He clearly does not know those people hate us.  And…want nothing to do with us. The Senate President does not  want a casino in Plymouth…neither does anyone in Plymouth

Cedric should have stayed in Dorchester..or where ever.

Now, as Reel Wamps said a year ago.  Middleboro will sue the tribe. You have to wonder how much more pain these people will inflict on us and how much more we can take.