Outsiders make a hell of a mess

Caron (Tobey) continued a family tradition established by her brother Vice Chairman Aaron Tobey, by having absolutely no idea what they are talking about. She made an absurd remark to someone  married to a Tribal Council member when she commented, “My brother is the best thing that ever happened to the tribe.”
Oh indeed Caron. Is this the same brother that thought that the land automatically went into trust when we were federally recognized? Or the political genius who created a phoney elders council in a failed attempt to usurp the real Elders? Or the man who boasts of a non existent law enforcement background allowing him to  trump up investigations that result in nothing…just attempts to cover up thier illegal actions?  Aaron’s screw ups are legendary…and the thought of him working witrh the Massachusetts Legislature concerning perscription drug abuse  and other serious  law enforcement matters is a frightening thought.
With his outrageous hiring practices and his continued leadership role in the family employment agency..with the hiring of his niece Kassie a few month ago as a ICWA support specialist….but like Aaron’s dear dear friend Ronda Jones Hughes….she’s not a licensed social worker in Ma.  She can’t serve even as interum director of ICWA, as she has been assigned.
But since Aaron was also fired as Inspector  Clueseau and has more than his share of trouble lately,  maybe we’re in for a reprieve..
Meanwhile you have to ask how Caron or Aaron knew anything about the tribe when they never came over the bridge. Ever.
Aaron wanted to take us on excursions to Plymouth Plantation to learn our  history and traditions. You forgot that insult didn’t ya. Well, the insults keep coming.