Oh the irony

The BIA continues to ignore the abuse of Native people by their own governments.

The BIA folks are at the Echo Chamber to hear testimony on the changes planned to the tribal recognition process.  That’s all it is.  It’s certainly no endorsement of this administration as Shovel Ready Ceddie has tried to spin.

The irony of the whole thing is the fact that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is responsible for setting the standards so high that most tribes could not meet the  criteria. More ironic is the fact that Shovel Ready Ceddie wasn’t on the roll at the time, didn’t know what the roll was and had to be schooled on the importance of heritage and getting his paperwork done.  

By the way…the real Indians of the tribe have left the building. That’s well known.

And this new process makes it harder to get recognition because you have one shot and that’s it.Most tribes have no backers and cannot participate because they have no money.

The people who are responsible for our remarkable trek, many have passed on and those alive are appalled at our status. None of them are going to be there today, so expect Jessie to start making up stuff when no one can answer.  Maybe Navajo Joe will say something.

You have to figure that other than a free trip to Cape Cod, the BIA bureaucrats have to be a little curious bout all the crap heaped upon us by Shovel Ready Ceddie and his band of criminals .

 The money laundering is intriguing.

The debt screams investigation.  

Will they talk about how the BIA can’t take the land into trust?

The inability to get  land into trust defies the legal  validation of government sovereignty.

The whistle-blowers should be lining up.

The BIA will blow off questions saying this is about recognition….but you better believe this afternoon, the BIA folks will all be lined up to get on the boat to the Vineyard with Navajo Joe.