Oh, no, they didn’t!

A hastily scrawled note just  crossed my desk while I wasn’t looking.  Actually I had been doing crosswords and had slipped into one of those summer afternoon half-sleeping daydreams where everything is all right with the world and I am in my happy place—at least until I read this note.  Please, tell me that it is not true that Tribal Council Secretary Marie Lopez Stone (affectionately known to all as Ta-Ta) was hired as the Tribe’s Human Resources person.  Doesn’t she already get paid for being the secretary, and will she receive additional salary for the new position?  As with all of the Council’s actions these days, you have to question their motives.

My first reaction is that this is a plum, a sop to sooth a restless Marie like jam spread on the Dormouse’s nose.  On the other hand, it could be just a way for her mother Carol Lopez to control hiring, firing, and discipline.  I’m sure Carol is seething since Leigh Potter returned to the cemetery as a consultant.  Either way, can you imagine going to Marie for a job with the Tribe?  Marie herself can’t even get a job in the real world, in fact, Tribal Secretary is the first job she has had in a long time.  And she is going to judge your fitness for a job?

Heaven help us.