Notes from Minnie Ah Hah


Minnie Ah Ha , Mashpee Wampanoag private investigator

Minnie Ah Hah calls herself  a private investigator.  But she’s  really just very observant and quiet, telling only her Uncle Herrin’,  last of the Mingos, of her discoveries and he usually discusses them with his friend Roe. Her dead mother is Herrin’s sister. Leigh Potter says the only thing he knows is that she’s Mashpee because she has all the features and the characteristics….. and her father is most certainly one of the 1001.  Course the Elders say   she’s just plain nosey.  So, everyone accepts  her as  a Mashpee.

While quiet and unassuming, no family wants to claim her.  The Mills say she’s a Peters, the Peters say shes a Oakley, the Oakleys say she’s a Hendricks, the Hendricks say she’s a Hanes, the Hanes say she’s a Pells, the Pells say she’s a Pocknett, and the Pocknetts say she’s a Hicks…and so it goes.

One thing for sure.  No one says she’s a Tobey. Maybe that’s a blessing for the Tobey’s that they can’t lay claim to Minnie Ah Hah.  But then again it could be a curse to some of them who are not Tobeas, the real ones.

Minnie Ah Hah is the conscience of the Mashpee Wampanaog,  so the Elders say.  That’s  why she’s a nuisance. She knows too much and she tells it to her uncle.  He talks it over with his pal Roe.

Some say she runs it by Maushop on occassion.

Minnie Ah Hah made Herrin’ and Roe pull over by the flume on 130 and handed them her notes:

Paula was crying in the rafters at the Sunday meeting.  She shamed her father.

Cheryl is wearing a wig, but it won’t disguise her trashy behavior that demoralizes the tribe.

Cedric stands behind  Mark  as he babbles and tribal members shake their heads. Outsiders exploiting the tribe.

The New Bedford office is empty.  Bobby sits there each day and no one comes in. Gas, salary rent for Bobby to sit in an empty office.

Lou lied about the number of members over  in NB.  There’s less than 100.  He  said 400 – 500.

Strangers trying to coverup the millions missing.  One in charge or tribal things  the other over housing.

My  October  10 report

Your niece,

Minnie Ah Hah