Minnie Ah Hah reports: “Cedric is tourin’ “

Mashpee Wampanoag Private Investigator digs deep into the scandal of the Tribe

This is my report to my uncle Herrin’, please pass it on to Nellie and Norman. My hope is that Curtis Hendricks will give me some  nice venison steaks this season.


Cedric(Tobey ) Cromwell recently spent about $10,000 running all around trying to get land into trust and juts partying .

He attended  Senate Indian Affairs Committee meeting on LIT, made speech.  Waste of time.  No bill in the House.  Republicans refuse companion bill for LIT. That means nothing happens.   Cedric keeps talking to people who hate us and wasting money.

Cedric goes to Mohegan gaming conference.  Jay Lo just happens to be there. Party down on the tribal AMEX

Another DC meeting on LIT people video tape him for laughs.  Not funny. He’s not Mashpee. He makes no sense they say.

He’s working on LIT 21/2 years too late. Marie is sending threatening emails.

Noni is gonna tell all about………..stuff.

Carol Lopez keeps shopping at Christ the King food pantry like she’s destitute. Taking  food from the people who need it.

Every day is a Bayer aspirin extra strength day for Cedric.  They’re one step away from …..we’ll talk about it in my next report