Madness on steroids

Let’s get this straight.  We have a tribal court without legal authority that has mislead tribal members concerning that authority for 3 years.  You have Tribal officers that use the court to harass tribal members, threatening and engaging in legal action and procedures that amount to absolutely nothing.

A Peace Maker Court would better serve the tribe

Two things are constant. The tribal judge gets a big check and the attorneys checks quadruple the judge’s.  The most outrageous abuse is that the judge tells tribal members they have access to ” pro bono ” attorneys to defend them against the big White firms working for the Council.  Sort of like public defenders don’t you know. Great.

As you know…..all the briefs and letters from Sockbasen and the attorneys ( that we have paid millions to) are proof that they are violating their oaths as ” officers of the court” because they are engaging in the worst kind of fraud. ….at the direction of the Council officers. They know it.  And all the letters of explanation about why they did this and that, does not erase the fact that they have violated that oath.

The Constitution set up a Peace Maker Court that would allow our own people to work out problems. Mediation if you will. All that money wasted on the phoney legal system would be put to better use if given to tribal members instead of  law firms milking us dry.

Our people are hurting.  And look at this madness.

Hopefully the BIA is paying attention to this gross exploitation.  Maybe they can find the damned 2009 election sign-in sheets that is if they still exist.