It’s not good. In Fact it’s all bad

Okay, this is where we are.  DONE.  Genting gave the MWT $5m for the drawdown (the last) a couple of weeks ago that is supposed  to run the so called government until October 31. Well, in light of the fact that Shovel Ready Ceddie is always operating the Tribe in arrears, there is less than $1m left to do anything let alone pay all the “do nothing” Fryes with job titles that don’t make any sense. So basically out of money for Genting payroll at the end of September. Let’s move on.

Okay, the Genting money dries up, the administration is petitioning the federal government to alter the intended expenditure of those federal grant appropriations. Well then. There might be some justification for this if they were going to feed or house the many tribal members in need….BUT, as you know, it’s to keep the Cromwell Administration in a pay check ” From Here to Eternity.” These people are so GD slimy they will do anything to keep getting paid.  But lets move on.  Let’s show the documents and a letter of resignation from Michele Forrester who was the Tribal Human Resources Director…right.  So apparently the woman (a Helms) thought she was really going to do her job as a professional, for the Tribe.

Michelle F (3)Let’s look at the documents and her August 9 letter of resignation. It’s a script for The Twilight Zone. And all the officers and certain Council members were complicit in the torture. Course since she is not real Mashpee (New Bedford) she didn’t know how to fight back. She was petrified but smart enough to put it all in the following email:

I am sending this letter to inform you of my immediate resignation from my position as the Human Resources Director of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Unfortunately this resignation is due to the increasing hostile work environment I have been subjected to since informing the Tribal Council of a potential lawsuit for interfering with an eligible FMLA request.
The level of harassment, intimidation and coercion became evident during a meeting with you and the Treasurer – confidential of course. During this meeting I was subjected to a performance by the Treasurer which mislead you Chairman into believing that I had single handedly put the tribe at risk. I was continually belittled and warned to “protect myself” while you were both mocking the medical condition of the Tribal Administrator. It should be noted Chairman that the TA was instructed by the Treasurer NOT to go into chambers to discuss her request, that it was the responsibility of the Chairman to inform the Council. It was also the Treasurer who initiated all of the confusion and chaos around this simple and eligible request for a medical leave.
Another meeting was held relative to this matter on July 25, 2017 where I was accused of collaborating and coaching the TA into filing a complaint with the Department of Labor. That I had a responsibility to “protect the organization” before protecting an employee. Informing the Treasurer, Secretary and legal department of a potential lawsuit is the only way I have of protecting the organization.
While trying to manage this situation in a professional manner I was also subjected to veiled threats. Comments such as “it’s a tough job market out there”, “better protect yourself” and others are in fact threatening and a form of intimidation.
On July 31, 2017 I was unexpectedly summonsed to report to the Tribal Council chambers. It became rapidly apparent during this hour and a half, of a well orchestrated enhanced interrogation session, that the focus was to attack any and all of my actions as the HR Director, primarily the action of approving an eligible and legitimate FMLA request. The unprofessional and hostile reprimand that was directed towards me, which ultimately coerced me into altering a document, was emotionally unbearable. It created a level of paralyzing fear which lead me to be unable to respond to the rapid firing of questions from eleven people simultaneously, under your authority. As a direct result of this interrogation I was left in a catatonic like state which required medical attention.
It has since come to my attention that the Secretary is sharing information from this confidential session with tribal members. It is being said that I was chosen for this position by the TA so that I could perform my duties in a “puppet-like” style. Let me be clear, my actions and decision during my tenure as the HR Director were conducted in a professional manner, and in accordance with the current policies and procedures of the tribe. The TA did not, in anyway, persuade or order me to perform any tasks unwillingly (unlike you Chairman, who did order the TERO Director be fired during a meeting in your office with the TA). However, we did share a strong bond of dedication to develop and strengthen the organization as a whole. To go around and make comments otherwise is not only inaccurate, but insulting.
It has become quite clear that the more violations I uncovered, the higher the level of harassment and intimidation. I am well aware of the fact that my time in this position is limited due to my refusal to compromise my integrity. There is no greater erosion of tribal sovereignty than when a tribe violates not only its own laws, but federal laws as well.
The misappropriation of federal funds (fraud), unlawfully altering the sick and vacation accrual of staff members, the never-ending alterations to employee benefits through the Finance Department, the interference of an eligible FMLA request, and even a valid EEOC complaint are all threats to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. All of which will ultimately come down upon you Chairman.

Howard... what the hell is wrong with you? Will the Comptroller tell the FBI you threatened him. Ouweeee boy!

Howard… what the hell is wrong with you? Will the Comptroller tell the FBI you threatened him? Oweeee boy!

Okay…now on to Howard Cooper.  Howard, took it upon himself to go to the Tribal Comptroller and scare the beJesus out of him because the man has  more damning information than Forrester.  Course you know that.  The Comptroller has  all the check recs, billing statements from the overbilling lawyers, architects and girlfriends running their invoices through the “Gaming Authority ” for a casino that would never materialize. And now.  There’s nothing and impossible to explain the  expenditure of $400m and absolutely nothing to show for it.

But Howard Cooper volunteered a forensic audit conducted by his CPAcompany to set everything straight.

That’s what he thinks of you Mashpee.  Like his CPA’ s are going to turn on him and tell the truth? What about the Feds?

1620 ain’t no different than 2017.  Let’s be honest.  There’s so much more.  It’s unbelievable.