Is it too late? Probably


The only jobs being advertised are on the grants. Ramona Peters, the historic preservation director needs an assistant apparently to make her deposits. She makes $90K, the assistant makes minimum wage. The same person keeps applying for the assistant job  and the Housing Director post and they keep getting rejected.  They re-advertise. Some people don’t get the message.

The Fryes are trying to find jobs that aren’t paid for by  the investors. That means bum rushing the health department,and anyplace else they can finagle. Trouble is, none of them have an education and are trying to supervise people that have serious medical training. Robin, who knows Indian health, is on leave. Other people have quit or been fired.  That’s very frightening. That means Cheryl Frye is in charge….with all her education.

The Council meetings are moved around randomly without notice,  so members will not attend. There’s not much to talk about as the money dries up. But the 21% interest on the government building is another terrific legacy that can’t be ignored. Back to pillaging the grants and the jobs that go with them.

But as usual the real scandal is on the Council and there’s no hiding things.  The emails about Aaron getting Yvonne’s signature on paperwork to keep foster kids when it was common knowledge that his wife’s record would automatically disqualify them.  Now that’s pretty nasty alright.

And and the investors are tapped out.   But they keep getting a check.Some get 2.