Intimidation tactics

There’s a special Council meeting going on this morning because of the serious problems Cedric Cromwell has with revelations from the HR director who just resigned (under duress), and the Comptroller who has been complaining and warning about about illegal drawdowns on the federal grants.  Of course we forwarned of this because the money from the investors  is drying up.  Both of these officials have inside knowledge of the bad stuff going on and one has resigned because of it.

Cooper's been on the tribal dole for a long time. What he does is uncertain...but he's made a bundle off of us.

Cooper’s been on the tribal dole for a long time. What he does is uncertain, but he’s made a bundle off of us.

So what does Cedric do?  What he always does, try to intimidate.  So he’s bringing attorney Howard Cooper to the meeting to stop the free flow of information…. that by the way is all on the record in some form.

As a matter of fact, one official said, ” If the feds came in here right now, Cedric would be in jail.”

And the feds are always watching aren’t they? So we’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned.