Incompetence is deadly

We have a tribal member who has breast cancer.  She cannot even get the tribe to give her a ride to her treatment in  Falmouth, let alone Boston.   But the Tribal Health ( not Indian Health Services) promised to help her get to Boston, get her a hotel room ( Joanne Frye), and get her back after her pre surgery and surgery.

Instead she slept in the bus station like a homeless person…when she’s the member of a tribe  that has spent 85 million dollars  on  a casino that will never happen, and a bunch of tribal council members and consultants that have gotten rich thanks to people who are playing Indian at the expense of real Mashpee.

These humanitarian services are  so very basic and paid for by the federal government. Yet they refused to help a very sick tribal member, so disgusting

On the conference call, to get to the bottom of the total  breakdown, everyone representing the tribe called the cancer patient a liar. Lovely Dr.Jo, tribal administrator.  Clearly he has given up and gone over to the dark side…until he can find a new job… He has had 7 .  Oh yah, he said ” Hope you come back for services.”