Herrin’ & Roe “Tah Tah’s off the Reservation….again”

Herrin: ” They let her out.”

Roe: “Who?”

Herrin: ”  Tah Tah.  She’s out talking and rambling about

investigations….she says ain’t nothin  going on.”

Roe: “Oh yah?  She’s gut a pipeline to O’Keeffe  and Coakley does she ?

Herrin: ” Oh…you know her, she’s certifiable. She and Mark Harding  prove that the 09 election was rigged cause nobody in their right minds would vote for either one of  ’em.”

Roe: “They threw her off the ticket didn’t they?”

Herrin: ” Yah.   But why would those people who do investigations, tell the people who are bein’ investigated, that they’re trying to catch ’em?”

Roe: ” Course not, we all know that.  But then again they gut her telling people that Coakley and OK’eefe can’t touch her, Cedric and the rest of them,  cause we’re a federally recognized tribe. Well that’s true about being federally recognized but  there’ s a big problem. We don’t have any official land. We’re not for real without land.”

Herrin: ” Yup…that’s like the state of Massachusetts saying its sovereign without any land, or the Narragansett being sovereign without a reservation.   Regardless, the tribes and states all answer to the federal government. Right now with no court, no laws no land into trust, we’re worse off  than before.”

Roe: ”  Well worse than than that, they gut Tah Tah out in public talkin.'”

Herrin: ” What do ya expect…they’re Tobes. You know there are Tobeas,  and  them Tobes. Them damned Tobes …now they can really mess things up. Them Tobes wanna be Tobeas so bad…but they can’t do it.  They can’t break that strain.  It’s in their blood.  Can’t neva be a Tobea.”

Roe: ” Yah….it something watching them in denial, trying act normal and be decent.  It’s painful to watch. But shoot.. Tah Tah needs to get going…yah know.  She needs to do is find those audio tapes of the meetings for the last two years.”

Herrin: ” Good luck on that one..ain’t no tapes. There are no records.  Let her explain that to the investigators that ain’t touchin’ em.”

Roe:  ” Maybe she forgot to take her meds.”

Herrin: ” That’s a charge right there don’t ya know !”

Roe: “Yup.”

Herrin: “There she goes,  driving all over the road…

Roe: “Damn shame.”

Herrin: ” For us it is.”