Ghetto Management pt.2

The tribal financial mismanagement is so bad that no one’s surprised anymore.  And the lack of planning along with the cobbling together of the “Taunto itty bitty casino”  4 months before the deadline, only heightens the absurdity of the situation.  (Oh, by the way, someone needs to tell the CCT that we can’t build on the 53 acres  ( of the 76) that we’ve talked about for weeks. The plan is to build on the even smaller adjacent parcel of 40 acres.)

But let’s go back to how it used to be.  The tribal leadership worked pretty hard to develop good relationships with community businesses, the Town of Mashpee, the State and Middleboro.  It is important that these entities believe that we will do business properly and be honorable in that process. Well of course all that evaporated before our eyes, and now we are the laughing stock.

When your leaders are completely clueless and have no strategy, there’s no game plan, no team  effort among the professional consultants. …and no end game.  You just have a bunch of people with their hands in the till  grabbing what they can get until we’re forced over the cliff.

No shame in this game

Worst part is, the tribal staff  who actually work, can’t even purchase supplies or other items because all the charge cards are declined.  And the tribe has no credit anywhere ! Staff buys things on their own credit cards and hope they’ll get reimbursed. That porn really did a number on the AMEX.

One thing that’s consistent and that’s a  paycheck for Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Marie ” Tah Tah”, Cheryl, Yvonne, Trish and Winne.  It’s $50k a month and totals  $2,000,000 ( that we know of) during this 3 year nightmare.

It’s a lotta money for a lotta nothing.  But that’s what you get with Ghetto Management.