Elder abuse and Tribal abuse is a bad combo

The Elders are fuming and they will make that clear Sunday.  Simply put they were told the truth for once. There’s no money in their account and they will no longer receive  services.  Well honestly, the decline of Elder status began in earnest when Cedric Cromwell took over the Tribe in 2009.  He demeaned the Elders by removing them from perch above us.  He sytematically excommunicated them from enrollment and other important positions of oversight and guidance.  Their essential roles in this Tribe evaporated.  They were reduced to having luncheons and random field trips most of them were not interested in. The Phoney Indian was guilty of gutting one of the most important traditions of any tribe.

He could have cared less. And the rest of his leadership was complicit.  And on and on.

But let’s go on to the really bad stuff.  Shovel Ready Ceddie has now become a horder or millions of dollars. The million he scraped up from Genting recently will not go far, plus he has the standard bills in arrears. He must pay himself and the Council of course. Meanwhile they’re going from office to office asking employees if they will voluntarily be laid off.  Yes really.  While Ceddie and crew continue to get the huge paychecks and by the way that little bullsh– pay cut set to begin at the end of October, never happened.  But 60 of the 100 employees will be gone January 1.

The grant programs have begun to build impenetrable barricades around their offices.

The food pantry has no food .  Clearly the Boston Food Bank got wise to the fact that millions flow threw the MWT but they just don’t have enough to money to get food for their own food pantry.

Now on to the real knee slapper. Genting was pretty tiered of us and about three months ago they told Cedric they were going to build a commercial casino on their own….and Cedric pitched it to the Council. Yes he had the nerve.  As long as Cedric get’s paid what does he care? That’s how bad it is people. There was No mention of the Tribe’s casino, cause….well you know  it was never about us was it?

Tomorrow the disappearing act.