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Sources  close  to the BIA regional office say the Tribe’s application for land into trust is just as incomplete today as it was  when Cedric submitted  it in April.  No Environmental Impact Statement, no ancient ties  or any of the detailed information for the Taunton casino. Of course we all know that the signing of the compact was a PR stunt designed to make the Administration appear to be making significant progress when in fact Cedric Cromwell had botched the effort from the start: late to the game, bad property choice, no link to the tribe, property liens, everything was wrong. We have been saying this for a long long time.

Of course we were reminded of the Crappy Compact by Native columnist Harold Manteau.  Manteau’s column was scathing and  loaded with detail concerning the Crappy Compact and its impact on us and the rest of Indian Country. Clearly Aaron Tobey did not think about either as he pontificated and accepted conditions that set us back a century or more….Here’s the link if you want to read it.  It’s so long,  and so throughout,  you have to read it several times to absorb it all.

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Cedric had one of those expensive lawyers write a response on behave of the tribe ….Ahem.  It was lame.  It essentially said we were a “landless tribe” ( no kidding ) and so the state was doing us a big favor by giving us this special set aside ( that’s about to be declared illegal by the court).  Well if the state were doing us such a favor, why do we have to have “LIT”  to get the casino?  It’s all impossible followed by absurd criteria.  Also, why can’t Cedric get us in compliance?  Right…ain’t happening.

But the most outrageous excuse for the CC was his claim that the casino was our only way to become self sufficient.  Really? I mean really, when tribal members don’t make a dime?  Now Cedric and the rest of them made a bundle.

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And the door is closing ….sources say Cedric’s already searching for new land elsewhere…in a place with a great  big rock. We know.  It’s too much.

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