Cheryl’s magic jump drive

Well, it was too much for Cheryl Frye Cromwell. She calmly walked out of the Council meeting saying she had enough  as Shovel Ready Ceddie chastised  her, shooed her, told her to  “get outta here.”  Cedric was angry because Cheryl, his wife, was tired of listening to his clap trap in the meeting and left.  As she exited he continued to demean his wife and she said.  ” Okay Cedric you’re going to talk to me like that ?”


The First Lady has suffered enough. What she has on that ‘”Magic JUMP Drive ” could put him away forever. That’s Mashpee for ya.

Yes he was.  His machismo bull sh– just bought him the never ending nightmare of imagining what’s  on  Cheryl’s Magic Jump Drive.  All things will be revealed on Cheryl’s Magic Jump Drive.


Let’s unpack that for a minute. We will talk about the ” Magic Jump Drive.”