Cedric can’t resist getting into costume

New kind of pow wow protocal

Well, CeddieLou just can’t help himself.   Earlier today, at the  151 pow wow, he was heard screaming and cursing at Pow Wow Director David Weeden….

He did his ghetto dialog at the top of his lungs in front of  tourists.  He said ” Fuc- you man ” and gave Weeden the finger.  It’s hard to get mad with DW.   But Cedric does not like to be corrected.  It is most certain that Weeden was cautioning him on his many missteps as the pow wow poo bah.  It’s not as if CeddieLou knows a damn thing about pow wow protocol.  He loves to talk about the “great Narragansett nation” and the “great Shinnecock nation.”

He has little to say  about what’s left of the Great Mashpee Wampanoag Nation.  Rode hard put away wet don’t ya know. Oh so Ghetto Cedric.  Oh so ghetto.