Brace yourself

This information is so bad we had a hard time bringing it to you. These are the salary increases for the paid tribal council members and officers for what is called “MILESTONES.” The Council is getting paid for pimping us out to Genting ( Arkana ).  The 6 benchmarks signify each victory the Malaysians achieve with the help of Shovel Ready Ceddie, Messy Jessie, Tah Tah and Robbie “ISSIV”  ( I Shoulda Stayed In Vegas).

So here are the total amounts of the raises:Shovel Ready Ceddie, $187K, Messy Jessie $126K, Tah Tah $56K, Robbie “ISSIV” $50K and worst of all Bobby, Cheryl, Yvonne, and Winnie get $40k each.Yes the man with the fake GED will be making $108k. 

We have to say that Winnona Pocknett had the decency to refuse the raise.

So all total the Malaysians are paying $1,300,000.00(on paper) a year to these Sellouts to build a casino in our name only. Because if it happens,  the cost of this painful venture is over a billion dollars,which means they own the casino. That is if IGRA approves the crazy interest rates and lets us slide by without the required  economic development plan and that’s if the BIA LIT decision holds, if the Malaysians get the license, if they can build a destination casino  on a bunch of disconnected lots in majestic Taunton (purchase price $46m).

So that’s why there is no discussion about your paycheck.  It is going to take 11 years to break the Genting financial grip cause those birds are going to keep taking those checks no matter how many petitions Aaron gets.  They will sit in that meeting and say nothing and do nothing because there is nothing you can do and they know it.

The only way we’re going to get paid is if we sue  the government in federal court for failure to pay us reparations for 104 years. In a class action 600 tribes already did it successfully, so there is a precedent.  After all they took the land into trust under the premise that we were under federal jurisdiction right? Ya can’t have it both ways.  And, we still don’t know if the land really went into trust.

Otherwise we have to remember the saying of a Mashpee Elder who passed away who said, ” I’ll be fartin’ up dust before we get anything from any casino.”