BIA wants the Background Checks. Sockbason blasted,

Gimme the Background Checks !

A college education does not guarantee intelligence.  How do we know? When the BIA folks were doing their evaluation of the tribal government last week, one of the first things they did was to ask for the background checks on tribal employees. They were particularly interested in ICWA and Housing.  Guess who immediately started lying to the woman asking for the background checks? Yvonne Frye Avant.  That was after her sister Joanne Frye, Office Manager engaged in a lot of mumbling, so  Yvonne said the background checks were confidential and they  could not give them to her.  Now this is an authorized  employee of the Department of Interior  sent to investigate our messy, horror story of a government.

Well the BIA lady said, ” You will give them to me.” How about Joanne had to admit, she never did them at all.  On anyone.Wow 31/2 years of violations.

You can bet that triggered an immediate call to Frank Keel in Nashville.   You can imagine what that will turn up.  If they had done background checks, they would not have hired Ronda Hughes, Aaron’s love.  Hughes headed ICWA,  with a drug conviction. Certification, and license does not allow you to work around kids when you have a drug conviction.  The Feds don’t allow that. The failure to do  background checks is  extremely serious.

Order in the Court !

On to more suspicious activity.  It seems the Judiciary Committee has suddenly fallen out with their chief (and only judge) Henry Sockbason. Seems Henry spends whatever he wants from judicial coffers, whenever he wants with no oversight.  He has an affinity for the Peacemaker Court money.  The Peacemaker Court would be much more helpful to tribal members as opposed to the Court of No Resort or the Phoney Tribal Court.. All of a sudden, after the BIA was observing the court, the committee took their complaint  to the Tribal Council about the Sockbason overreach and his refusal to let the committee know what’s going on.  After 31/2 years, the committee decided to demand oversight. Well….Aaron put a stop to that.  He said he would handle it.

Course Aaron needs a civics course and should read the Constitution. Then he would understand that he is not supposed to interfere or try to influence the the tribal court, irrelevant as it is.  It violates separation of powers.  Who follows the rules? It’s a little late to cry fowl now that everyone knows the court is without any authority. The brochures about the court are absurd.  Not only are they poorly made, they perpetuate they misinformation about what the court can do.  Handle Civil cases? Are you kidding? It can’t compel anyone to do anything.  Again the Peacemaker court would be more effective, with tribal members resolving their own problems.  Of course with the judge drawing down on the funds….who knows…

Let’s go back to the pressing question….Where’s Aaron’s background check?