Are you freakin’ kidding ?

VisionTribal members received this ridiculous card in the mail.  It is inviting them to participate in some VISION quest to share ideas about tribal economic development.  Funny, Reel Wamps has been harping and “ranting” (according to Yvonne Frye Avant) for years about the lack of a strategy to put our people to work utilizing our own resources and heritage. And most recently we said that the so called plan for the Genting casino, that is “In Our Name Only” lacks an Economic Development Plan according to the laws of Indian Gaming….now all of a sudden they want to engage tribal members in coming up with a plan?

Are you kidding or what? Reel Wamps questioned the lack of a plan in the previous post a week ago. Besides they’ll have all those overpaid, over billing Boston lawyers and Navajo Joe and Arlinda Arlinda the Really Big Spender throw something together while pretending to solicit imput from whoever wants to run their mouth to them.

We have spent upwards of $70m dollars on salaries for council members and leadership who are blatantly corrupt…lawyers and consultants who have over billed and gouged us under the watchful eyes of Shovel Ready Ceddie.  And council members who are merciless in their greed.

We have a food pantry courtesy of the Boston Food Bank and a paid council getting millions.


Ceddie was sloppy drunk at the staff Christmas party last Friday….You know it was at a fancy hotel.It damn sure wasn’t Sea Mist.  We have to say something is going on because Running Bear ( we still don’t know how he got that name…probably made up when he bought the turquoise bolo that has become a growth on his neck)  is not seen drunk in public. Just keeps mumbling ” Malfeasance misfeasance….”

Stick to golf girl.

Stick to golf girl.

The MWT has been named Public Relations Nightmare of the Year because it has an army of hacks who just collect a check and dribble out press releases about minimal events that are rewritten by lazy reporters. Trish Keliinui has been back on a job created just for her  a few months ago...doing who knows what. She just has to belong…Little Miss Needy.  It isn’t like she needs the money or anything. Another $55k for her to sashay all around   Sean Gonsalves works for Regan PR and is our spokesman because half the time no one wants to answer questions…especially Running Bear. Regan makes $15k a month and probably cranks maybe 2-3 releases a month. Course when we have tribal members raging at Sea Mist they spring into action with condescending lecturers about behavior. That torturous Mittark has filled up more trash cans and is a complete mess …the paper is so expensive it’s not even good herring wrapper. Ceddie does a dissertation every edition that is 2 pages long and very poorly written.  Alot  of propaganda and very few tribal members in it. Lot of casino stalkers.  When the flaky BIA LIT decision came…the only pictures in the Mittark were of the council, and the Fryes because no one was celebrating.

Going off like a whirlybird. Dancing and documentaries ain't your thing.

Going off like a whirlybird. Dancing and documentaries ain’t your thing.

And finally there’s Paula Peters who has reemerged as Martin Scorsese with that silly homemade video Mashpee 9, featuring Brian Weeden running reenacting a Wampanoag messenger. When she tried to show it to the Elders, Bernadine told her to “Turn that off…we don’t want to watch that.” It’s so bad, yet Paula has the nerve to try to raise $60k for it.  You may recall that Brian can’t seem to outgrow the Tribal Youth organization and keeps hanging on as a consultant, chairman, adviser and so it goes:

I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up 

Why should I grow up?

Why should I grow up?

Not me,
Not I,
Not me!
So there!