A hurtful place….in the Empire

Well….4 more Frye’s have been added to the Empire.  The Empire has 4 more Fryes added to their 80 percent domination.  Kevin Frye who has been on the Mashpee Police department was demoted for reasons unknown along with his cousin Curtis Frye Jr., will be the tribal policeman.  Let’s talk about this a little bit.  Neither one of them are in very good shape.

Patty Oakley could back hand either one and keep goin’. Yes, and there are two more Frye’s,  daughters, sons and cousins of other Empire dwellers making huge salaries with barely a high school education and they are not even trying to go to CCCC.  Why should they?  Course when everything falls apart they will wish they got a formal education instead of stealing from their own family members and cousins. That is if they have any conscience at all.

We have much more to discuss  tomorrow…it’s too much for tonight.