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Tah Tah’s Revenge

The Flip Flop is back !

Herrin’: “ Well Tah Tah is determined to have her way.  She just can’t help herself.”

Roe: “ What now?”

Herrin’:  Shoot, they talk about how cuckoo she is… she’s pretty smart when she wants to be. She’s been on vacation for quite a while. Just when people are trying to file their papers to run for office.

Roe: “Yah.  Richard Oakley’s been trying to put his paperwork in for a week.  He’s runnin’ for Chairman.“

Herrin’: “Who don’t know that.  He’s made it official at a meeting on December 1.”

Roe: “Maybe Tah Tah’s trying to slow him down, you know, so people can make up their minds.”

Herrin’: “Ahhhhhhh the old Flip Flop. That‘s the oldest political scam there is. It’s a lost art that has been revived.”

Roe: “ Ain’t popular though. Nobody wants to see that little round dance again. Makes me shudder.  That’s why we’re in this mess right  now.”

Herrin’: “ Yah that was a disaster of stick mound proportions.”

Roe: “ Hey fact remains Tah Tah is having her revenge. She’s runnin’ things and she’s the least qualified to do so .  She’s the keeper of the records and she can’t produce the audio minutes for any random meeting you ask for…because they ain’t  there.”

Herrin’: “Right. And ain’t she supposed to verify that you have enough  meetings to qualify to run for office? “

Lovin' those Sunday Meetings with Tah Tah

Roe: “ Exactly, but you’re relying on her “Most Random and Occasional Meeting Minutes.” And those sign in sheets are a bigger mess.”

Herrin’ ” Boo Boo Da Fool and JFK are on those sign in sheets.  At the Sunday meetings there’s never anyone watching who signs in…..That’s the Dorcester Method. Just kinda random don’t ya know.”

Roe : ” Ya she’s in charge of who get’s on the ballot and who don’t.   She told Robert Dias he didn’t have enough meetings to qualify.”

Herrin‘: “You know Boo Boo has his meetings.”

Roe: ”  Yup…Maybe Robert should qualify as JFK.

Herrin’: ” Maybe.  Tah Tah is having her way. Seems like her and Boo Boo are having a field day at Dino’s, ya know what I mean?”

Roe: ” Tah Tah’s Revenge. ”

Herrin’: “Tah Tah outsmarts us again.”

Proping up the “Court of No Resort”

It is what it is!

Poor Tribal Court.  It don’t get no respect. Ain’t got no authority.  Ain’t got no way to enforce Sockeeeebasen’s rambling  rulings.

So……if the court is real, why can’t it hear real cases ?  Even real “ civil “ cases? Right.  No authority or enforcement powers.  But Sockbasen and all the greedy lawyers continue the charade.  Sockbasen has presided over the Court of No Resort that is incapable of resolving tribal problems but spent  millions  on lawyers  laughing at us and getting rich.  After 3 ½ years of this foolishness the Judiciary Committee suddenly said they wanted authority over the court spending. They’re a little late with the guilt complex. And Harold Tobey at the helm no less. God, can you imagine?

Suddenly the court will  publish the rulings in a law review.  Who the hell cares? The decisions don’t amount to anything.  Why not publish them in the Cape Cod Times,  the Boston Globe, the Mashpee Enterprise, Playboy or run it on Comedy Central ? The state and county courts publish legal records in major newspapers. Cause the Tribal Court is a facade,a fake and a fraud.

And all that business of keeping the Indian Child Welfare Act records being sealed….well it’s all handled in state or county court anyway so what’s that mean ? It means if you want real justice you “ takeittohigha ! 

Tah Tah has filed in a Barnstable Court, Autum Banks has filed in federal court, and Cedric and his PR flack are trying to pretend he’s running a real government when it’s too late. He knows more  lawsuits are on the way.

Holding Court in the Cape Cod Times is not effective, but it’s all he’s got.  Course the Court of No Resort  tells the CCT  Nellie filed the 2009 election challenge  3 years too late. The Mashpee Enterprise and the Mittark have the documented proof of the contrary.  Nellie filed the complaint with Patricia Keliinui and Mark Tilden right after the February 8, 2009  election.  Course the whole controversy is over the Cromwell’s failure to produce the election sign in sheets.  Maintaining records of anything just ain’t their thing.  So you see the problem. No record of the letter to Patricia ” I got this” Keliinui. We do know she resigned very  shortly after she failed to follow the election ordinance and have the Elders resolve the dispute.

Try to get records of court hearings, council meetings, anything.  Oh by the way the Tribal Court ” can’t compel ” the Council to produce anything, according to Patty and Nellie.  At least that’s what  they said Judge Robert Mills said.   Maybe we can play the tape of that little courtroom dialogue.

Just kidding.