You left something out

The Cromwellians were able to get one good story in the paper yesterday.  It was about the tribal gaming commission. The second time Cedric submitted his little scheme…the Indian Gaming Commission accepted it .  Cedric”s Gaming Commission consists of  Markie the Harding, his faithful sidekick of late, himself and some poor patsy from the Council who will be outvoted by them should he or she ever disagree.

You can't submit without the LIT !

Cedric did his best to blow this thing up as though the federal government was sanctioning his rag tag slot dump. There was a critical part of the letter that was left out of the news story. Here’s what it said.

” It is also my understanding that the Tribe has not yet acquired Indian lands as defined by IGRAIt is therefor important to note that approval is granted only for gaming on Indian lands, as defined in IGRA, over which the tribe has jurisdiction.”

Translation….” Your little Commission does not mean a damned thing without land in trust.” 

Or ” Who are you kidding submitting this without land in trust?”

Or ” You really are as ridiculous as they say you are.”

Cedric is trying to divert attention away from the fact that the tribe is facing another lawsuit for ghetto business practices. The deed restrictions prevent him from moving forward.  How could he make  the same mistake twice….with so called professionals guiding him this time? Incompetence is obviously a prerequisite for hiring and being part of their team.

Aho bro.