Where has John gone ?

Slow Turtle (John Peters)

Commissioned by the Mashantucket Pequots (Foxwoods Casino), this life size bust is of the late John Peters, Supreme Medicine Man of the Wampanoag Nation as well as past head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Massachusetts. Two busts were cast. One is in the Pequot Museum and Research Center at Foxwoods. The other was a gift to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. 

Slow Turtle is holding a child, symbolizing his life-long devotion to his people.

The above is the official explanation and designated placement of the extraordinary bust cast of Mashpee Wampanaog John Peters. It has been a source of pride for the tribe because Peters like so many others, loved his people and made a serious contribution to the well being of all Native people …but his people came first. Tribal members ask,” Where is John?”

The bust was recently taken by his daughter Anita.  Once again, she took from

John "Slow Turtle" Peters, and daughter Aquaya

the tribe and claimed it as her personal property.  And the damned fools let her walk out of the office with it,   without explanation. The last thing we need right now is one of our inspirational leaders stolen, erasing another part of our important history. There’s no end the complete deterioration of our ways.

Knit one, pearl two, Anita.