Where are the Indians ?

A Native from another tribe sent a video of the 2014 MWT pow wow to a family member back home and the recipient said, ” Where are the Indians?” Well ask Shovel Ready Ceddie. Each year, the boycott of  the tribal homecoming becomes more and more blatant.  And each year Shovel Ready Ceddie. imports more of his Narragansett buddies to enjoy our $120,000 costume party, complete with drummers and everything.

So we’re not being judged, it’s Shovel Ready Ceddie’s branding of the tribe

Annawon Weeden, a fixture at the PW is a tribal member, dancer & actor seen with Native Director Chris Eyre, was not at the annual event

that has really caused problems.And every year we can count on Dean Staten appearing in the newspaper photos of our pow wow.  He’s a great dancer and a really nice guy, but he’s a Narragansett after all.  You would think someone would say something to the CCT..

Since SRC is not a real Indian, our pow wow has gone from being a celebrated homecoming to a disorganized mess.  Only tribal children participate in any real numbers.  Let’s review this years fiasco.

First there was the monsoon.Not only did Shovel Ready Ceddie ignore it, and the danger  to the participants and vendors he applied PR spin saying it was a ” cleansing. ” Jeez, didn’t do him much good did it?

Each on the pow wow committee was paid $900 so no one was really in charge.  Cassie Jackson was the only one who took any responsibility for anything.  The others couldn’t be found.

The Arbor was not honored either. It was hard to keep any protocols together with a handful of people in charge.  Chiefie did his best.

It’s so sad.