When we get LIT……Holla !!!!

Big Pow Wow excludes Mashpee

Everyone who knows something about lawmaking knows that the gaming bill revealed will likely be very different, if and when it passes.  But one thing not likely to change is our status in the new historic legislation.

A conversation with a expert in Indian law and gaming reconfirmed what we have been saying, that not only have we been uninvited to the pow wow, we don’t have the leverage to get into the gig.  That old Land in Trust thing is a ” game changer” as the lawyer said.  Damn right. But when our players don’t even know how to play the game and trying to get us a commercial casino that benefits everyone but the tribe….that’s just pathetic.  He also said ” You have no leverage with the state.”  Of course the state knows that…now they’re waving at us and blowing kisses at Cedric, Aaron,  and Mark Harding as the train leaves the station.  Course the rest of the Council is clueless about anything.  Lovely.