Whata ya mean no draw down? No budget to discuss either.

Cedric during the chaotic election that started the nightmare that continues.

Cedric during the chaotic 2009 election that started the nightmare that continues.

Broke as a joke was confirmed. Genting is loaning us no more money.   So, all that’s left is about 2 weeks of payroll for those paid by Genting, that would be the Fryes and Taunton. They asked for another extension on the promisary note, but how you going to pay for the Tribal Council Building or even to keep the lights on?


But we gave $1.5 m a month to the gaming authority, (that woud be lawyers who have moved us backward and a certain persons girl friend) and around $100 k a month to paid council members and  executive staff who don’t do a damned thing but annoy the hell out of everyone talking about what they can’t do.

The only profesionally run entity is Indian Health Services (and Dental).  They’ll have to put up a blockade to keep the Council from bum rushing them.

How about this.  Give up those dsigraceful salaries and establish a fund run by Tribal members voted on by the 1001.  No casino stalkers.  We woud have our own Go-Fund-Me operation,  so the Tribe can start over and maybe we won’t prosecute.   Now we can’t speak for the Federal Government.

Don’t start looking at the Russians either.