We’re not hearing it!

Cedric Cromwell hand delivered a letter to the Taunton Town Council  formally asking for a special election to vote on the “Taunto itty bitty casino.” Not only is the tribe paying for it, it’s also paying Brook Scanell $500k to do a PR campaign ( in 3 months) to convince voters that this is a good idea.

The Taunton Council will probably vote on holding the election Tuesday.  Since the Tribe is paying for it, it’s  an easy  to let the voters decide.  Of course the tribe has no such opportunity in the phoney  Cromwell government.  All we have are illegal elections, poor management, fiscal impropriety and absolutely no long term policy on anything  and no  economic development plan for the tribe.

Cedric says he’s also going to do Taunton ” Listening sessions in every neighborhood, to ensure that the the ideas, needs and concerns of our neighbors  and partners are met.”  That’s mighty White of you Brookie!  Too bad Cedric would not apply the same concept to the Mashpee Wampanoag.

Tribal members showed up  Sunday to hear about how much money they will get from the casino.  You don’t get anything from a commercial casino. Cedric,Aaron, Marie, Mark, Trish, Yvonne, Cheryl (TFL) and Winnie will get a check.   Tribal members will not. Too much debt to be paid off first. That’s why Cedric was talking crazy because he knows all those people he put on the rolls illegally, only care about a casino.

He continues to purposely mislead people.

Of course they got a side show.  Cedric performed like a crazed dictator. His Ghetto Management style reached new  heights  yesterday during the monthly tribal meeting when he shouted, threatened and cursed at Council and tribal members furious over the bungled Land into Trust application.  Certain Council members were angry that they weren’t told for 2 months that the application was rejected. No one would have  known if it weren’t for the  Taunton newspaper story.  They let Cedric know it.  He chastised them and Elders  for talking to the newspapers, saying we should keep everything secret.

Are you listening?

He refused to answer the question about whether he was negotiating  a commercial license that would mean signing our sovereignty away ….so we would be like Aquinnah,  begging the state for everything we need. But the Aquinnah is negotiating  for a casino in Lakeville,  right under Aaron Tobey’s nose.  A few miles off the highway no less.  Good location considering our resort casino in Taunton is actually on 40 acres (1 5 miles off the highway) because we can’t build on the 53 acres across the street ( on the river). Cedric threw away another $200k and many millions on land we can’t build on.  How do you build a $500m resort casino on 40 acres ? He showed drawings of the casino that is to be built on the Galleria’s 90 acres that we have not secured.  Hummmmmmm.

It was so bad, Cedric turned the microphone off as people tried to speak or question him.  He demanded that Council members swear their allegiance to him and his leadership as chair.  Tribal members booed him.  It was a circus.

Good luck on the Listening Sessions.