We’re Billionaires Ain’t We? Oh You Didn’t Know?

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has a constitution.  That constitution requires the Council to provide a budget to the Tribal membership.  The Council has never presented a budget to the Tribe . As a matter of fact, it has never voted on the budget at any time as a governing body. Okay whatever.

Again, more importantly, it never presented the budget to the Tribe.  Not in 2009, or 2010, or this year 2011.  It just keeps making bad deals, taking out huge loans and  failing to provide the tribe with an economic developemnt strategy that benefits anyone other than Mark Harding. Isn’t it interesting that while other businesses are failing and struggling , his is thriving.

Anyway let’s talk about the moola !

  1. Who makes $172,000 a month is salaries?
  2. Who is making nearly $1,000,000 in professional fees a year?
  3. Why does our cell phone bill  exceed $120,000 a year?
  4. Why are we paying for consultants cell phones?
  5. What is and wh0 gets ” Member Good Will” at $500,000 a year? Did you get any help? Course not.
  6. Who’s traveling on our tab at $50,000 in 90 days.  Bermuda, Saigon, Pago Pago?
  7. What is the mystery category of  $473,669 for Investor Operating expenses?
  8. What is other mystery category of $257,642 Investor Predevelopment?
  9. Why do we have $11,271 in miscellaneous ? We got  your miscellaneous….

The questions continue from a Council member who can’t get answers or audio tapes that are records of official activity. If you want to call it offical.

Now we understand why we had 5 negative audits on Housing and at least 2 negative audits overall. Mark Harding bought an auditing system that was supposed to prevent errors.  Course what do we know? We’re Billionaires ain’t we ?

We got money to burn! At %15 no less…such a deal!