We told the truth, SRC & Arlinda “Big Spender” lied about the Asino

Take a look at the story about our casino situation. Cedric Cromwell and Arlinda Locklear lied knowing full well that to continue to even clear the land would put the tribe in contempt of court. To be in contempt  means you have to violate the judges ruling. Okay.  Remanding the bad decision back to the BIA says something else to the Indian agency, and it goes something like this….

” Do you guys really want to keep endorsing this flaky, weak LIT justification?”

So the BIA has 60 days to decide if they want to continue to humiliate themselves, while most of the people who okayed this thing have left the agency.  Our bet is they don’t do it.

And if Cedric appeals, its more millions in wasted legal fees that keep the the Wicked Wamp 9 and the Fryebal Council ” rolling in the dough. ” There is a way to get the land in trust but Cedric has been diddling for 7 years, a pawn of the lawyers and consultants who kept getting checks and milking the Tribe.

This has become a pathetic situation that looks like it will continue.  The question is, will the struggling Genting keep funding the Fryebal Council ?

Holdups Continue To Be The Story For Land-Based Casino Developers In Massachusetts