” We are not in the loan business. We’re in the gaming business” It’s called BBO

In a letter, Governor Deval Patrick pleaded with the Secretary of the Department of  Interior to approve his controversial  casino compact  forged with Aaron Tobey  who represented the tribe.  The compact is dubbed one of the worst ever in Indian Country and we all know why. In the letter, Patrick calls the compact “delicate ” and warns the Secretary,  that to reject it could cause a huge problem. In other words, the  Massachusetts legislature would be free to say, “Oh well we tried too bad.” And Patrick could say that too. So they give the license to someone else.  Many contend say that was the plan all along and the state walks away with clean hands.  Others say ya, but tribal leaders were so incompetent,  and desperate to serve themselves, there is no other explanation.

Millions of $$$$ out the window

No one in their right mind would actually think the compact was the right thing to do for us, and that the US Government would approve such an ” onerous ” document that actually violates the law. Besides, the government is supposed to protect us, in this case from our own tribal government.  Who would pity us with our own selling us out for a pay check….

But wait a minute….the Compact approval or rejection is irrelevant if….. ( let’s all say it together ) 


All of this media madness designed to demonstrate some level of progress, is entertaining but doesn’t eliminate  the big turds on the table that  keep rolling around.

  • The tribe cannot prove any historic ancient ties to Taunton, because we don’t have any! (Unlike Middleboro right?)
  • The LIT application is incomplete because of this and numerous other blanks in the document. They were left blank because to fill them in meant immediate rejection. It’s called buying time.
  • The State Gaming Commission is not interested in holding up everything waiting for Cedric, Markie  and Aaron to finish the application and getting approval…………………..aaaaaaaaah that takes years and the state waits? Years and years ?

None of this is lost on the investors who are obviously tired of the clown show. For the “Boobalas ” (Cedric Aaron and Markie) it brought on a combo meal of Tums and Pepto Bismol.

Genting told them that  ”  We are not in the loan business. We’re in the gaming business.” And they gave the Boobalas a date to get LIT done.  It’s a short window people, or rather a closed window.

Ouch.  It’s whatcha call BBO.

Backers Backing Out.