Warning signs

Those who know the political process realized weeks ago that the fact that the Massachusetts legislature was not taking up the tribal compact was another signal of doom. Technically its languishing on the calendar.  With the Massachusetts Gaming Commission all but confirming that it would open the bidding,  it meant the legislature didn’t need to waste time on the compact that would never be fulfilled.

It doesn’t matter what the Governor says. All of his admonishments to the Gaming Commission don’t amount to a warm bucket of spit. He can’t control the legislature or the MGC. His little charade was always known.  He played with ” Bro” Cedric and lead him down the primrose path like we were his friends.  Patrick was doing the business of the Commonwealth and took full advantage of the neophyte Cromwell.

We have have had few friends since 1620. And Cedric sold us like the colonists did after the King Phillips War ( Of course he will have to google that little bit of disturbing history because he’s clueless.)

Cromwell’s ridiculous scam leaves a wicked legacy.