Voucher Queen buys $700,000.00 house

jessie hWe told you it was going to get worse and well….here it is.  Messy Jessie just bought a $700,000.00 house at 29 Christopher Lane.   Maybe she’s gonna open a rooming house. Right.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have such an abysmal housing situation in the Tribe. The Vice Chair of the Tribe just couldn’t help herself.  She just couldn’t.

So let’s review our housing horrors:

  • Tribal members who are homeless and literally dumpster diving for food in Hyannis.
  • Tribal members who cannot get emergency assistance and are reduced to living in Del Sol and barely making ends meet.
  • The Section 184 program that allowed tribal members to buy houses has been shut down because of abuse. Mainly the Fryes getting all the loans.
  • The tribal renovation program is shut down for abuse also. Queen abuser was Council member Winnie Johnson who renovated her second home and that amounted to a new addition.

So if Messy Jessie had earned it, that would be one thing.  But she’s getting paid not to serve us basically.  She serves the Chinese.

But you know how nervy Messy is.  This woman who is making at least $200k – $300k a year with all her bonuses and raises has the nerve to use vouchers for her grand kids daycare. Yah.  You can take them outta the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto outta them.

One thing for sure, Jessie ain’t living in a Quonset Hut now!