The Monday night Council meeting was crazy. Candidates and Council members were asking  Cedric Cromwell for the voter list that was supposed to be posted 8 days ago.  Tribal members and candidates are supposed to have access to the list to see who’s on it and challenge questionable new members before the election.  Candidates also use it for voter contact.

Supposedly there was an ordinance passed  ending this practice citing  confidentiality or some such nonsense.  No one can find the ordinance nor can they find the minutes confirming passage of the ordinance. Of course there are no audio tapes of  the meetings, so you can’t validate anything.

"BBA" & Cheryl in better days before his health deteriorated

It got heated when the candidates said they wanted the same access the incumbents like Cedric had.  Of course this  access is all courtesy of Cedric’s sister-in-law Kimmie Frye, “SR”,  Chair of the Election Committee.   Right… the chairman’s sister-in-law is CHAIR of the Election Committee.  Anyway,  Kimmie and her sister, Council woman Cheryl  Frye Cromwell (wife to “Big Brother Almighty”), were just recently busted while trying to commandeer the voter list from a mail house.   When pressed, Cedric shouted…”You have to buy the list just like I did.”  Buy it from whom? Is there no end to the blatant disregard for Tribal law?  Now the voter list is being sold ? Apparently.

Nine tribal members have already filed in US Federal District Court warning of this kind of behavior, potential voter fraud and countless other violations of the Constitution.  They asked for government oversight because of this kind of  lawlessness.

Recent  memos have been sent to the Assistant Secretary of DOI and  the Nashville BIA documenting  the pattern of disenfranchisement that continues to persist. The Council officers are leaving quite a paper trail.


Another effort to keep getting a pay check is now being proposed under the guise of  ” protecting the health and welfare of the tribe” through the Tribal Gaming Commission. Funneling Genting money into he tribal gaming commission to pay  Cedric, Mark Harding and Yvonne Frye Avant will not resolve the fact that the Tribe is broke. But they’re  trying to disguise it that way. They are calling an emergency meeting Friday to  pass funding for the gaming commission, pretending they’re going to keep people on the payroll.

We support keeping tribal members employed, but we don’t want Cedric,  Markie and Yvonne permanently ensconced in the Tribal Gaming Commission.  They set it up to be totally separate and  untouchable so they can keep getting a pay check.  Genting runs it….and funds it….and has been funneling money through the GC for a while. More transparency eh ?