Tribal Po Po can’t handle a fight…but they have a $700k budget

You know Kevin Frye works for the Mashpee Police Department  and is the Tribal Police Chief.  So he’s on call 24 hrs a day, but he can’t come off duty with MPD to serve the Tribe ….but he still gets $700 a week and then $42 an hour if he dose shows up (looking  like a scared rat). His back up is his cousin Curtis who barely talks and is anything but an enforcer. So we got Scary I & Sooooooooo Scary II.

Kevin works hard for the White people but is missing when the tribe needs him. Even town law enforcement question his loyalty.

Kevin works hard for the White people but is missing when the Tribe needs him. Even town law enforcement question his loyalty. But he’s there to get that check every Friday in a brand new shiny Homeland Security truck. It absolutely Fryebal.

So guess what? At the Pow Wow there was a fight between some young women. Some tribal men stepped in to hold things down, but the problem was that the Falmouth Police (about 20 cops) showed up first.

Ya see, when there’s a call about us, there’s a bunch of cops showing up.

Guess what? The Falmouth cops were looking for Kevin.  Kevin was nowhere to be found.  ON POW WOW Weekend ! The Falmouth police got there a half an hour before Kevin.  They were looking for Kevin to mediate a disturbance that ended up resulting in unnecessary arrests because there was no tribal law enforcement around to tone things down or negotiate.

Even the Falmouth police admitted they were looking for Kevin.  They were looking for Cedric at the tribal dance  that was out of hand last year.  Cedric ducked into his hotel room when the police asked him what he wanted them to do.

We know the tribal hell raisers don’t we? And let’s break it down.  They yell and scream and fight and stop when they get tiered.  But let’s talk about the unspoken rule and responsibility of the Tribal Chairman.  The Tribal Chairman commands respect and stops the madness.

We do not have that.  Glenn Marshall would have been there before the cops were called.  But we have people in charge who are pimping us and tribal cops who are interested in selling us out and getting a check.

The Elder women from the opposing families of the young women would have insisted that they apologize and forgive the bad words.

But when you have people outside the Tribe leading the Tribe, you have chaos.

They are cowards taking money while we don’t even have our pride to hold on to.