This is how it is

This is what’s going on.  From the Massachusetts Gaming Commission website.

“The Commission is considering a plan for Region C with the broadest range of options for the most parties, including protecting the Tribe’s option of getting land in trust in timely fashion, a plan that promotes the robust competition that has so successfully served the best interests of the Commonwealth in Regions A (Eastern Mass) and B (Western Mass). Under this plan, we would open Region C to commercial bidders, while the Tribe proceeds with its quest to get a Compact approved by the Legislature and its land in trust from the Department of the Interior. After the Commission reviews any commercial proposals we receive, we will then look at all the facts as they are at that time—including whether the Tribe has its land in trust and is ready to proceed with its project, and then decide what course of action is in the best interest of the Commonwealth and Southeastern Mass. “

And Cedric spent $2 million dollars on a negative media campaign against MGC. The expense is unreal. Again, the consultants made an incredible amount of money ( about $1.75 million ) along with you know who.  Once again producing a poorly concocted message that got us nowhere.   He said it was the investors money. Sure it was but it’s still our debt and another layer of humiliation on top of the fact that we have no economic development plan to get our people back to work.

Cedric Cromwell is a Mao man committed to Genting. Let’s see where he goes from here.