They’re not Mashpee…No kidding

Herrin’: “The Sunday meeting was pretty stinky.”

Roe: “That’s what I heard. Paula Peters sat in the nose bleed section of the auditorium.

Herrin’: “Tryin’ to hide.

Roe: ” She can’t hide, neither can Mark Harding. Even though he talked more nonsense to tribal members.”

Herrin’: ” Well the few members that showed up got ’em told.¬† They¬† said Cedric and crew are not Mashpee, and that’s the problem.”

Roe: ” They also said if it weren’t for Reel Wamps they wouldn’t know what was going on with the tribal government.”

Herrin’: ” That’s pretty sad.”

Roe: ” We have gone backwards.”

Herrin’: ” We’re underground ”


Roe: “Buried alive.”